Good Cash the digital payment system for friend and family payments

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Cryptocurrency for friend and family payments has been released!

Good Cash created to support the friend and family payments. It also allow the micro and financial payments in the form of Cryptocurrency. Furthermore Good Cash allows to accept payments in the form of Cryptocurrency to sell digital goods. Good Cash is created by Coin Release, our website publish the press releases and promote the ICOs. We publish Cryptocurrency News 24/7 to keep our visitors upto date. We are now accepting Good Cash as a form of digital money. Good Cash is based on ethereum which follows the ERC-20 standard.

More information regarding Good Cash can be found here

What is Good Cash?
Good Cash is a decentralized payment system created for Friend and
Family and Peer to Peer payments including but not limited to the
financial and micro-payments and payments for digital items.
Name: Good Cash
Symbol: GCH
Decimal : 8
Total Supply: 1250000000000
Contract Address: 0xd49218a3d2ea27f16a21604c9222f6bcaf5ea761

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